Pear Analytics is a pay-per-click agency that was looking to improve its cold email marketing strategy.

The company had previously struggled to achieve high open and response rates with its email campaigns and was seeking a solution that could help it achieve better results.


Our team worked with Pear Analytics to develop a comprehensive email marketing campaign that focused on CRO optimization and targeted messaging.

By analyzing the company’s existing email data, we identified key areas for improvement and developed a custom strategy to address these issues.


We used rigorous A/B testing and data analysis to fine-tune the email campaign and ensure that it would be as effective as possible.

We also used advanced tools to validate email addresses and ensure that the messages were reaching their intended recipients.

Manual lead research enabled us to target the right prospects and personalize our emails for maximum impact.


Thanks to our approach, Pear Analytics was able to achieve a 71% open rate and a 2.5% positive response rate from their email campaign. This represented a significant improvement over the company’s previous campaigns and helped to drive increased traffic and revenue.


By using our cold email as a service, Pear Analytics achieved meaningful results and improved its email marketing strategy.

Our focus on CRO optimization and targeted messaging was key in increasing open rates while decreasing bounce rates.

The improved open and response rates helped to drive more traffic and revenue for the company.