Dental Marketing Guy is a marketing agency that specializes in helping dental practices grow their patient base.

They had been struggling to generate high-quality leads for their clients and were looking for a solution that would help them increase their conversion rates.

The company had tried a variety of tactics in the past, but none had been particularly successful besides SEO.


Our team provided Dental Marketing Guy with a comprehensive cold email campaign that was targeted to specific dental practices in their area.

We used Manual Lead Research to identify the most relevant prospects and then crafted highly personalized emails that spoke directly to the pain points of dental practice owners.

The fact that the emails spoke directly to the customers’ needs gave them a much better chance of getting opened and read.


During the campaign, our team continuously optimized the email copy, subject lines, and targeting parameters in order to maximize results.

We worked closely with the Dental Marketing Guy team to develop a custom email template that was both attention-grabbing and informative.

We also used advanced tools to verify email addresses and ensure that the messages would reach their intended recipients.

Last but not least, we provided detailed data-driven reports on a weekly basis to keep Dental Marketing Guy informed of the campaign’s progress.


The campaign was a massive success, with a 68% open rate and a 3% positive response rate. This led to a significant increase in the number of leads generated for Dental Marketing Guy’s clients and a boost in their own business growth.


By using our cold email as a service, Dental Marketing Guy overcame its lead generation challenges and achieved meaningful business results.

Our manual lead research targeted messaging, and expert implementation allowed the company to connect with new customers and drive growth.