Why Risk Taking Is Pivotal to Living The Life You Want Today

Picture this: you smile, hanging up the phone after adding another new client. You’re sitting in a lounge chair on the beach with an iced coffee to sip. The view is incredible, and so is your life. Don’t discount this as “only a dream” when it could easily be your reality. The key to getting the life you want boils down to this: learn when to take a risk.

Back to Reality?

Your life right now is much less glamorous, maybe you have debts over your head and a mounting pile of bills, and a thankless job paying you pennies. Everyone starts somewhere, and there’s nothing wrong with starting here. But you have to actually start something to make a change. That’s right, you have to actually take a leap and make a change to make your life different.

Risk taking starts with doing your homework

I’m not advocating you get in your boss’ face without a plan and say, “I quit!”, but I am saying you have to start planning now to get out of there. Changing your life to that dream scenario of owning your own business starts with a plan. You have to dig deep, do the research, and take a step by step approach as you figure out what to do.

Finding your purpose

For some of us building a business starts with figuring out what you were meant to do with your life. If you know your purpose and you can build a business that completes it, you’re all set. Many of us, though, struggle to answer this question throughout our lives, and it can be paralyzing to think you have to find your purpose before you get started as an entrepreneur. Your purpose may also change over time, so while it’s helpful for understanding yourself better, it doesn’t have to be your starting point, or any other excuse like this, just serves as a barrier to getting started.

Going for it

What if you just try something? Find a business or service to sell that costs you very little money to get started. Spend a few hours each day after your regular job to research your market. Who will buy your product? Write down how you’ll create it, how you’ll market it, and when it will happen. Put an action plan on the calendar for each small step and START.

Calculated Risks

When you’ve put in the work by doing research, you can start building that new life. It’s much safer to take a risk when you know what to expect. Hedge your bets, find out where your skills lie and what you want to build. By starting small and learning as you go, you’ll be ready for the big jump moment – your calculated risk. By building an idea and nurturing it with hard work each day, you leave your current job behind with confidence. Start living the life you want today with this and more tips on thebigpictureacademy.com