The KPIs You Need to Track for Success – Part 1 – Your Website

When it comes to digital marketing, putting your best face forward in terms of a website is step
one. You need to systematically find out how it’s performing, but there’s a lot of data out there
and not all of it is helpful. Here’s my guide for using KPIs that matter. KPIs stand for key
performance indicators. Here are the ones you need to track to get your business off the ground

Online Visits to Your Website

Landing Page conversions – how long are people staying on your website’s front page? This is
your public-facing first chance to make an impression and sell your products and services. The
content here needs to be interesting and inviting. If you see a high bounce rate, try creating
better content for your front page. You can use Google Analytics to track these.

Unique site visitors – Track how many people are checking out your site for the first time.
Return visitors – Watch how many people are coming back. Adding new content is key to repeat
visits, figure out what people like and give them more of it.

Registrations – Give something away for free, it could be an e-book or a newsletter. How many
people are signing up for this. Consider changing strategies if not many people are signing up.

Bounce Rate – Get an idea for how much time people spend on your site. Two factors here,
your site needs to load quickly or it will turn people off, and it needs interesting content to keep
them there.

Page Popularity and Navigation.

Use this to see what content is valuable to your audience and
start creating more of it. Also, find out how they are navigating your site to see where people go
and what that suggests for the future.

Mobile Visits to Your Website

More and more, people are visiting sites on the go, using their mobile phones. Make sure your
website is optimized to handle this kind of traffic. Here are a few things to look for as KPIs for
mobile users:

Time on your site – be sure to check mobile bounce rates, if mobile users are leaving quickly, it’s
likely your site is hard to read over the phone or takes too long to load.
Conversion rates from mobile landing pages – you can tell a mobile page is working well if
people are registering over the phone or buying your products straight from your mobile
webpage. If it’s working well, consider creating a second mobile campaign in a similar format to
reach other target audiences.

By tracking the right KPIs for your website, you’ll make data-driven choices for better results.
Make sure you’re reaching your target audience with a site that interests them. If you can’t keep
people on the page long enough to get interested, you’re not going to sell products or services.
Be sure to read my accompanying KPI guide for Social Media campaigns, organic search
metrics, and online marketing campaign data that makes a difference.