Facebook Advertising Sucks? Here’s How To Do It Right.

Funny how Facebook Advertising now dominates the Advertising industry.

Ever watched the TV show Mad Men? The term was heavily used in the late 1950s to describe the advertising execs of Madison Avenue. The show itself is excellent, with well-thought-out actors and exquisite dialogues. Back then, the advertising focus was placed on TV and radio. Who can blame them? They really didn’t know any better.

In recent years though, this very focus has shifted to online media, and for a good reason. It’s more transparent, it’s cheaper, and it’s way, WAY more effective. Some would definitely say it’s their lucky day since we will cut straight to the chase and explain how our very own advertising framework works in detail, and exactly how we help our clients get ten to twenty times more value from the same advertising budget.


AdSpread: Introduction To Our Very Own Proprietary Framework


In a market dominated by big companies spending ridiculous amounts of money on their Facebook advertising campaigns daily, there is very little space left for small businesses and new startups to compete, especially if they lack the funds or if the owner in question is risk-averse. The situation gets exacerbated if they lack proper guidance in the digital space.

Higher advertising budgets tend to optimize campaigns faster. If you had a very healthy Adspend budget, your Facebook Pixel (a piece of code we place on your website to keep track of everything) would “mature” at an accelerated pace, and as a result, we would end up spending less and making more from our valuable advertising dollars. After all, who doesn’t love healthy ROIs?

Marketing your product with Facebook Ads, sending people to your business website and spending hours optimizing it in an effort to increase conversions, are just a few examples of marketing practices that won’t be effective unless you have the right type and amount of eyeballs on your offers. Is it worth it? Undoubtedly! Especially when done right.

Between an overloaded market with expansive traffic-increase strategies and the skyrocketing prices of clicks’ costs, something HAD to change. Our team was fed up a year ago since we only work with entrepreneurs whose vision is aligned with ours, and whom we can help in the most tangible of ways.

Small businesses are now adopting a different approach, which was developed by our team of strategists and goes by the name AdSpread. This revolutionary framework refers to the most strategic online advertising framework that has proven to double your company’s (or your client’s) revenue in only one month by simply retargeting sequences and using content-driven marketing. But how does it work?

AdSpread works in a very simple way: Instead of just sending your traffic from your Facebook Advertising Campaing straight to an offer, you will focus on “owning” the traffic and building your audience using FB Messenger, emails, content engagement, video views, and social followings. The idea is that the people in those audiences, even though they might not convert into paying clients straight-away, are naturally more interested in your product than those who will only see the ads.

The next step will be to add value to your offer in order to build a solid relationship between your brand and your audience in order to really captivate their attention and interest. For that, you will need to invest a substantial amount of time and effort, providing quality content for months in order to build a solid brand.

Once you’ve gathered a significant amount of people that shows to be engaged in your brand, that will be the time to redirect them to your product. This strategy is highly effective and will show results in a very short time. Businesses that have implemented AdSpread to their facebook advertising campaigns have reached up to 47x ROIs within a 30-40 days period.

In time, as your customers “spread the word” about your offers and the value that you give out, your business will naturally grow over time. Are you ready to see for yourself how Facebook Advertising really works? Get in touch with us today, and discover why we are one of the very few digital marketing agencies on the planet that honor their word.