Email Marketing: What It Is & Why You Don’t Want To Sleep On It

email marketing

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Email Marketing involves all communication through email that happens between a company and its prospects or clients. Campaigns can be developed through text or HTML, and contain products, special offers, and content in general.


A lot of folks nowadays think that Email Marketing is taking its dying breath with the arrival and dissemination of social media. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.


That’s because people have email firmly incorporated in their day to day lives – both at work and home. It’s the most simple and fundamental thing someone can have on the internet.


Some even take it further and become compulsive with it, feeling a craving to check their inboxes at all times in case something new gets delivered.


Social media undeniably reached a point though where it has a huge impact on culture and behavior, but usually people are more informal with it and it’s not dealt with the same seriousness as email is.


Most people don’t feel obliged to check on every single post that appears on their feed as it can be quite overwhelming. It can also be harder to keep up with updates on social media since they’re arriving from everywhere and everyone.


But when it comes to email, the usual behavior is to analyze it carefully, normally every day.


When people subscribe to updates and content from a company, there’s a good tendency for them to open up and consume those emails.


That’s what makes Email Marketing so great, it is a very strong tool to build and grow a relationship with clients and prospects alike. It can create a valuable asset for any kind of business.


But as with all strong things, it needs to be used responsibly. No one wants spam coming into their inbox.


So don’t forget: not including an unsubscribe button on the emails of your campaign can lead them straight into the spam folder, even if they have subscribed. And never, ever, buy an email list from someone else, it just doesn’t work – build your own and reap the rewards.


Here’s two more tips to help you crush it in the email marketing game:


1) Begin with your target audience in mind

Making things as personal as possible can be very powerful in a marketing message, that’s why it’s crucial to be aware of who are you communicating with. You can tell how informed you are by taking an honest view on how much you understand the pain points and issues your target audience has and how well you know their buying behaviors.

From that viewpoint, it’s easier to structure the copy and the content of your email campaigns. In case you want to learn more about this structuring process and how it can fit into any marketing strategy, feel free to read our recent post on sales funnels to get some awesome tips.

2) The subject line is the most important sentence in an email


Because when an email arrives at your inbox, the first thing you’ll notice is the subject line, it’s where curiosity is sparked. If it isn’t, the email simply won’t be read.

A good copywriter would take their sweet time when writing an subject line because it really can impact the performance of a campaign. The subject line is the headline of an email – it’s meant to draw people in.

David Ogilvy, the renowned “father of Advertising” once said:

“When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”

So spend your dollars wisely by making your subject lines as relevant and clear as you can.

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