Why Risk Taking Is Pivotal to Living The Life You Want Today

Picture this: you smile, hanging up the phone after adding another new client. You’re sitting in a lounge chair on the beach with an iced coffee to sip. The view is incredible, and so is your life. Don’t discount this as “only a dream” when it could easily be your reality. The key to getting...
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Stop Wasting Time: Try these Productivity Hacks Today

There’s so many ways to get in touch throughout the workday – Email, Slack channels, texts, online messaging, and don’t even get me started on Social Media. But these technologies can take over your day and drain your productivity away if you don’t learn how to properly handle them. It’s way too easy to lose...
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The KPIs You Need to Track for Success – Part 2 – Your Campaigns and Organic Search Data

Reach out to customers with more success than ever before and stop wasting money on advertising campaigns that don’t deliver. In my last post, I covered the KPIs you need to track on your website. You’ll get a lot of information from data about how people spend time on your website, but you also need...
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The KPIs You Need to Track for Success – Part 1 – Your Website

When it comes to digital marketing, putting your best face forward in terms of a website is step one. You need to systematically find out how it’s performing, but there’s a lot of data out there and not all of it is helpful. Here’s my guide for using KPIs that matter. KPIs stand for key...
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