Digital Marketing & Tips For Better SEO Content Creation

Now that we’re fast approaching the end of Q4 for this business year, I thought it’d be a great time to remind you all of Content Marketing’s place in the digital marketing landscape, and why it’s synonymous to tangible results. The experts say “Content is King”, yet Content HAS been KING for AGES. It is by far the most widely adopted digital marketing strategy for reaching and converting new customers. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services and quality content are currently in high demand. If you haven’t already, the time to act is now, before it’s too late. Both big and small businesses are now focusing on “brand building” by focusing on basic and highly effective content marketing strategies such as blog posts, podcasts and helpful articles that add value to your offer (whether that’s a product or a service).

High-quality content is essential to build trust in your brand. Factors such as relevancy, accuracy, and helpfulness must all be present in your content (not just in your texts and posts, but also in your website) so that, in combination with proper SEO practices it can successfully act as a bridge between your readers and your business. The common denominator? Trust!

Without SEO, both your content and your offer end up on very low ranking results in Google Search results, making it irrelevant no matter how relevant it might be. In sum, the quality and originality of anything you might be trying to sell might make no difference if your content never reaches your readers. A well-executed SEO strategy will make sure ( or certainly easier) to bring your content to your target audience by making your page visible to potential customers.

These two online marketing pillars can help you grow your business and convert customers that you’d otherwise never have reached. Here are 11 tips of how you can put those concepts into practice to create SEO content with high quality:

  1. Titles and headers are your first priority

Your title is, perhaps, the most important part of your content given that it will be the first point of contact between your page and your readers. While many readers are more likely to skim a page before committing to reading the content, an informative and well-built header can easily sway an indecisive consumer. Your titles and headers must be clear and interesting, with the purpose of catching a reader’s eye, and it’s important that they include keywords of what they are looking to read about in the first place. Keeping your meta descriptions interesting and catchy is also a very effective way to increase the visit flow in your website, since they will be the first thing that your prospective customer gets to read.


  1. Place your Keywords Strategically

Even more important than adding keywords to your content, is doing so in the right ‘dosage’ and in the right places in your content. This is called “density”. Articles that are clearly crafted exclusively for SEO hardly make a good impression to the reader’s eye. In order to do good use of your keyword without exaggerations make sure to include it in 3 strategic places in your text:  in your title, in your first 300 words, and then once more in your first or second heading. You can, of course, repeat it throughout the rest of your content, but it is highly recommended to do so using variations of the primary and secondary keywords. That will benefit you more than using the same word repetitively.


  1. A variety of Keywords is a must

Including secondary keywords is also extremely advantageous to boost your website’s traffic. This is a very important practice to adopt, since the sheer number of long-tail keywords can make a huge difference in terms of SEO results in the long run. Multiple keywords contribute to more substantial content which will make your pages will show up in more searches. However, it is important to identify useful secondary keywords that complement your primary focus and add them wisely. You can use Google’s Keyword Planner to identify and choose some of the most popular and effective secondary keywords.


  1. Create Content That’s Clean and Readable

One of the factors that Google uses to rank web pages is the readability of your post. Your digital marketing efforts will go in vain if your pages aren’t ranking. So posting easy-to-read articles in your page can up your ranking position on natural searches and increase the traffic on your website as well as building more trust with your readers, making the conversion from visitors into paying clients a lot easier. Formatting your content is the key to improving your pages readability. Making your texts too long can be intimidating and may lead to the loss of readers. By using short sentences, breaking long paragraphs into separate ones, and highlighting the main points you are sure to maintain your visitors’ interest in what you are offering.


  1. Make Use Of Credible statistics and Quotations

It is recommended to use statistics and quotations from trusted sources to assure that the information in your content can be trusted. Your readers are more likely to believe what they are being presented to if you make use of credible, widely published websites and links to outside sources. The search engines will notice that can increase your relevance scores to their target keywords results.

Building a trustworthy brand is essential to online marketing. You can lose a substantial amount of customers if your business lacks credibility, so therefore building a trustworthy brand is essential to online marketing since your readers will l be more likely to do business with you.


  1. Use Link Building To Increase Visit Flow

Being smart with your internal and external links can be a decisive factor to increase your SEO ranking. In case your post or content is featured on other sites, it is good to have links within your text to other articles or posts you have written so that the readers can be sent back to your website. If you create a high-quality content, your page is more likely to be shared by other websites and the more visits that are lad to your content, the better results you’ll get Links to reputable sites are a fast way of increasing your credibility and that can also lead to opportunities for collaborations.


  1. Your Digital Marketing Isn’t Synonymous To Your Website

Your website is almost as important as your promotional material and content. Having a more welcoming design on a web page that is focused on your main product is essential for your SEO strategy. Studies have shown that sites with dynamic content and focused material often rank higher than the ones with static contents, which can facilitate the uprising of the results of organic searching for your brand. With a clearer visibility on Google Searches (SERPs) the number of potential clients reached will increase automatically. Clean and easy to navigate setups for your page are also essential for maintaining your visitors’ attention to your product and potentially converting them into paying clients.


  1. Pay attention To The Length Of The Content


Writing the right sized blogs and articles can make all the difference. A good SEO article should always have at least 600 words, but 1,000 or higher will always be better. Researches have shown that articles of 2,000 words or more have better ratings and are often favored by readers, but shorter texts can be satisfactory if you publish often enough. Basically, the longer your content, the more value you’ll add to it. Your readers will also be more likely to stay on your website or visit it many times and that will be extremely beneficial to your SEO results.


  1. Be Original

The number of posts published on a daily basis is 2.7 million according to recent researches. With that being, finding unique content has proven to be a real challenge for readers. So providing your own unique content can be the main factor to position yourself and your brand in a leading position in the market. Describing your own personal experiences, conducting your own studies or surveys, or collaborating with like-minded creators to publish something original are some of the ways that you can create unique and quality content. Chances are that by doing so your readers will spend more time in your website and potentially choose your business instead of your competition’s one.


  1. Never Forget

Now that you’ve managed to create unique and valuable content, it’s time to edit it. It is a common mistake amongst content writers to either forget or underestimate this stage of the work. However, editing your articles can contribute to a more professional and clean structure which is very important to attract your readers’ attention. If you can’t be bothered with going through the content once more there are a few online tools that can be very helpful such as Grammarly (a free chrome extension). Also, other software and tools for writing creation have a built-in program to help you with basic editing. Another good option is to hire a third party to edit your article for you. The third look from someone else can notice a few mistakes that you might not realize by editing yourself.


  1. 11. Make contact with other areas

Making contact with professionals from other areas and a big number of followers is always a good idea. Trough mutual agreements you can “fish” in other markets waters to reach for potential new clients and expand your search results as well as your sales. Guest posting, product tasting and “honorable mentions” in blogs, vlogs, and even Instagram pages is an on-growing tendency of marketing strategy and it has proven itself to be highly effective if you find the right partnership.



Starting your own content marketing campaign will be a lot easier if you follow these 11 tips for better SEO content creation. However, if you wish to hire someone else to help you get more customers for your business, we are the digital marketing professionals to help. If you’d like to enjoy the benefits of top quality SEO content, offered by a celebrated team of consultants, get in touch with us at info [at] beepromoted [dot] co [dot] uk to grow your customer base today! Alternatively, visit our Contact Us page for more ways to get in touch.

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