2019 Web Design Trends: A Short Guide

Are You Ready To Check Out The Hottest 2019 Web Design Trends?

There are many clueless people out there claiming that the changes in the digital marketing landscape are slow on an annual basis and a bit hard to keep up with. For better or worse, this is NOT the case. 2019 web design trends differ massively to what was hot a year ago. What looked great in 2017 might require a complete overhaul in 2018, but it will certainly be outdated in 2019.


So, what really goes into successful web design the oncoming year? If you want a proven recipe for digital marketing success, keep reading.


#1 Mobile Responsive Or Die

As global mobile usage grows exponentially, it is very important to give your website a responsive design so that your visitors may access it easily from any device and captivate user’s attention, while optimizing your SEO. Even though building a specific website for every device is a valid option, it is highly advisable to go for a responsive design.


#2 Programming Chatbots


Ever heard of Chatbots? It can be very difficult – and expensive – to find someone to be constantly available to answer your client’s questions. However facilitating that with a chatbot built by my team here at E-Promoted, will build a trustful relationship between your brand and your audience, and visitors are more likely to invest in your product – or simply become regulars, increasing and stabilizing your audience. By leveraging Chatbots, you can automate the communication between you and your visitors by programming them to answer questions automatically. If your visitors need a more personal assistance, you can program the Chatbot to give detailed information on how to get in touch with your company.


#3 Using Animation


Next up for our 2019 Web Design Trends list – Even though autoplay videos are outdated, you can still give your website a dynamic look by adding animations to your design. The use of animations in the background or in the images of website pages is a fast-growing trend and its goal is to draw the visitors’ attention without losing focus on the main subject, giving your website a more personal and engaging design.


#4 Adding Microinteractions


The only thing that will be more effective than crazy cool animations, will be to add small interactions to them. This means that the animations will respond to the users’ actions on the page, creating a new level of interaction between the two parts, giving the user more power over what he sees. This trend is great for educational websites -but it will be welcomed by your visitors in sites of any market- and is becoming more common every day.

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#5 Creating/Buying Original Illustrations


While stock photography is easy, (and let’s be honest, it sucks) it does very little to add personality to your website. That’s why adding original illustrations created exclusively to your business is an on-growing trend. Although it might require a bigger financial investment, having custom made illustrations can completely transform your page’s style and still represent your brand.


#6 Providing Social Proof


Providing social proof material to your website is the best way to show to your viewers your brand’s prestige and reputation. Businesses will usually add logos of companies they have worked with or even add reviews from previous customers, but owners bet on showing the number of followers or subscribers they have gathered in their pages.  By showing your viewers proof that other people like your brand, you’ll automatically add value to it and that will lead even more people to your website.


#7 Including Hamburger Menus


Hamburger Menus are commonly used on mobile websites and apps, and even though this icon trend may take very little space in your template it’s on-growing use has now reached desktop websites as well. Its minimalist design will contribute to a cleaner style for web page whilst maintaining all the main navigation items. Whether or not this trend is beneficial to your website will depend on the kind of audience your business is aiming for.


#8 Betting On Round Edges


Square and evenly sharp buttons, windows and containers have been a tendency for a long time. Now, everyday web designers decide to opt for softer and rounder edges instead. Looking through different websites you’ll still find chat boxes and windows with sharp ends, some websites will have a little of both, and others will have migrated directly to rounded edges, but adopting this trend will surely contribute to a modernized website.


#9 Creating A Tactile Design


Flat bidimensional websites was another dominating trend that in 2018 has become outdated. On the idea of a more technological or futuristic look, designers have preferred to add shadowing and depth on their pages which will make all the difference to your viewers once it can bring out text boxes and images emphasizing on your main content. The next item on our 2019 Web Design Trends won’t surprise you, but it’s equally important.


#10 Using Unique Fonts


Even though many of your visitors won’t even notice the fonts on your website, choosing the right one can do all the difference to add a unique style to your pages and draw more attention to your content. It is very important to choose a stylish font. However, the ideal font will be the ones that are easy to read. Choosing style over clarity can be the quickest way to lose your visitor’s attention.


#11 Asymmetry For a Bold


Another recent but not so popular trend is Asymmetry. This is still an uncommon style, which makes it even more interesting to your viewers. On another note, because asymmetry is not usually expected it can also be a little complicated to some visitors. But if your aim is to create a bolder look for your page, an asymmetrical design is the right trend.


#12 Focusing In Creating A More Accessible Design


If once web designers thought very little about designing websites that are accessible, in 2019 the trend is to make blogs and web pages more accessible to all visitors. It is very common today to find magazines and blogs publishing articles with tips on how to create a more accessible design. To do so, you will require an open mind and commitment but will allow you to reach an audience that wouldn’t have reached otherwise.


#13 Incorporating Data Visualization


It is becoming a very common tendency for websites to incorporate data visualizations to your pages or even sometimes make it the main page of the website. The idea is to not only highlight the valuable data you’ve created but also to implement the message your brand is trying to pass.


#14 Using Bold Colors


Mostly, the web design trends of 2018 tend to focus on really standing out by showing originality. And using bright and bold color schemes is one of the trendy techniques that have tended to adopt, in order to make more memorable websites. Highlight the main parts of your page and add to a stronger visual identity. Simple, right? Well, not so fast. The challenge is to choose your colors strategically so that your style matches your brand’s.


#15 Choosing Floating Navigation Instead


Instead of fixing your navigation in the same place, some designers are choosing to use floating navigation in order to make it visible even while the visitor is scrolling down the page. This is not only a unique experience to your viewers, but is also a practical and useful tool that will keep the navigation options always present. Though this is still not a common trend, it is a very effective way to make your website stand out.


Each and every one of our designs incorporates all 2019 Web Design Trends and then some. Above all, our work is focused on conversions. This point is what differentiates us from the competition. A live website is not enough if it doesn’t generate sales for you in a completely automated or semi-automated way. If you need the best website money can buy, reach out to our team today.